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Authentic Spanish Tapas in Sussex

In the world of gastronomy we can find a multitude of Spanish tapas, depending on the geographical area or the type of bar/restaurant you go to, you will find an offering of different tapas. 

Tapas history

The Spanish practice of going out for tapas – the tapas – had its humble origin long ago, and had to do with empty plates, ironically. The custom born in Seville, as commonly accepted, was that bar waiters used to cover wine glasses with a plate to prevent flies from falling inside. Soon they began to place a simple slice of ham on the plate, an addition that obviously pleased the customers. Seeing the possibility of attracting more customers, the managers of the bars began to vary the tapas that adorned the dishes that came with the drink, and the international phenomenon known as tapas had just been born.

Tapas Traditions

Going out for tapas is one of the few gastronomic experiences that does not require a tablecloth and an expensive restaurant. The way to enjoy tapas is by sitting in a bar with a group of friends, sharing a few different tapas dishes, and enjoying them with a glass of wine or beer. It’s easy to see why this relaxed and casual dining experience is so popular across the world! 

Typical tapas

A few delicacies from the sea that you must try are squid, cod fritters, gambas pil-pil, and anchovies. Apart from fish, other typical tapas are chorizo, paella, a wide variety of stews, tripe, Serrano ham, meatballs and the always classic Spanish omelette.

The Spanish tapas is the perfect culinary translation of the saying “good perfume is kept in a small bottle”. Able to overshadow the sophisticated and exquisite French cuisine, this ancient gastronomic tradition dates back, according to popular legends, to the very Castilian Middle Ages. Over the centuries, these extraordinary aperitifs have managed to adapt to emerging culinary trends, becoming one of the benchmarks of Spanish gastronomy throughout the world.

In fact, it is the tapas that truly gives meaning to the Spanish tradition of “going out for a drink. The pleasure of a cold beer on a sunny terrace, the sweet aroma of wine contemplating a majestic mountain landscape or the warm Sunday afternoons with friends watching football at the corner bar, everything, absolutely everything, would inevitably rush into a well of insipidity if not for these extraordinary dishes.

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