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History of Tapas 

One of the most famous folk stories of where tapas originated from was the story of King Alfonso. King Alfonso back in the 13th century Spain was suffering a serious illness which and while he was ill and then recovering from that illness he could only take on small dishes of food, and there the first taste of Spanish tapas was born. Other stories consist tell that bartenders would serve beer or sherry with a saucer on top to keep the flies out. With this they started to add little sides off ham, olives and cheese as an extra to keep customers coming back for more. ‘Tapa’ literally means “a cover” so this story may have ring of truth to it!

We know that tapas originated from Spain but the exact origin isn’t known. For a long time Tapas throughout  Spain wasn’t eaten as a meal by itself, but was a snack while you enjoyed a drink, there were no tapas restaurants but only tapas bars! Tapas plates were consumed with wine, beer or any other alcoholic beverages of the time. Since then the world has adopted this style of food and now is a common place is several cuisines throughout the world – but no one does it quiet like the Spanish!

Famous Tapas Dishes; served here at Tinto Taperia!

Our full menu offer a wide range of classic and modern tapas dishes with out chef also providing a selection of weekly specials to add to the menu, you can see what our weekly specials are via our social media platforms. Here a few of the most famous dishes we serve!


Spanish Omelette is made with eggs and potatoes, sometimes also with onion, cooked in a oil. This famous dish is known the world over, our take on it here at Tinto Taperia is served with onion and is done medium well.


Typically consists of white potatoes that have been cut into irregular cubes, then fried in oil and served warm with a sauce. We also serves this dish here at Tinto Taperia – Double fried potatoes with a spicy tomato brava salsa – its a must try!


Our slices of the famous Spanish ham is delicious and makes the perfect appetiser before enjoying a paella or other hot tapas dishes


firm favourite among the public, our delicious calamari is lightly battered and is left a lovely golden brown. Often enjoyed with a dip and is perfect to enjoy with a glass of Spanish wine.


Our warm and mouthwatering Jamon Serrano croquettes with manchego cheese will leave your taste buds tingling. A cornerstone of our wonderful tapas menu!

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